The Tools You Need for
Better Healthcare

If you are not in full control of your costs, we can help you get there by providing
cost containment tools to your employees so they can become better consumers of healthcare.
Common sense principals are being applied to groups nationwide.

Strategized Solutions

We take a strategic approach to spend by committing a majority of our effort focusing on the four main components of your costs.

  • Hospitalizations
  • Ambulatory Surgeries
  • Office Visits
  • Prescriptions

Fixed costs only account for a small percentage of what you’re spending. Let us help you focus on the areas that can make the largest impact.


Without full access to claims data from the four main components above, improvement is limited. Implementing the Health Rosetta framework to create full transparency will enable your company to save 20%-40% or more. Our model seeks to provide transparent open networks and benefits, and we also believe that our relationships with our clients should not be any different. That’s why the majority of our compensation is tied directly to performance which results in our interests being completely aligned with our clients’ interest to deliver best in class benefits at a manageable cost.

The Simplified Toolkit

Simplified’s Toolkit is designed to:

  • Improve Care For Your Employees
  • Improve Your Healthcare Budget
  • Help Employees Become Better Consumers of Healthcare

Value-Based Healthcare

Utilize an alternative delivery model that puts patients first. Spend less time waiting for your provider and more time developing a caring and enduring relationship with them. Value-based healthcare strives to achieve better health outcomes while lowering costs and improving the patients’ experience. Rethink the current fee-for-service model and implement membership fees. This type of structure allows for:

  • Much more time with the provider
  • Same day appointments
  • Short or no wait times in the office
  • 24/7 professional coverage with access to their electronic health record

Reduce Wasteful Spending

The National Academy of Medicine has estimated the healthcare system wastes approximately $765 billion a year — about a quarter of what we spend. Utilizing Health Rosetta principles, we implement best practices to eliminate wasteful spending. These principles are already working across the country.

With consistently rising healthcare costs, employers have had to cost shift to employees. These rising costs are on track to consume 50% of all household income by 2021. (source)

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