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Your employees deserve the best. And that means getting the right care, at the right time, in the right place, for the right price. Guaranteed. The fix already exists. At Simplified, we scale and simplify adoption of these proven solutions.

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Curtis Colbert


Curtis Colbert is the founder of Simplified, Chartered Certified Benefits Advisor of Health Rosetta and member of the Free Market Medical Association. He’s been advising companies on their benefit plans for over a decade and believes that companies should be able to control healthcare spending without sacrificing care or transparency.

Trusted Partners

Simplified understands the importance of resources and support as our clients manage the complexities of serving their employee needs while focusing on the many compliance difficulties put before employers in today’s business environment.

KHR Solutions, LLC

We have partnered with KHR Solutions, LLC to offer strategic human resources support to our clients as part of our corporate offering. Through this partnership, our clients will gain access to experienced, credentialed HR professionals who can support strategic initiatives as well as each phase of the employee life cycle. Whether designing policies, conducting an internal audit, writing disciplinary actions, training programs or compensation strategies, this team is available as a resource to your organization and its leaders.

We have worked diligently to locate a firm with a full understanding not only of the human resources needs of an organization but the important business aspects that play a key role in leadership decisions, profitability and success factors. KHR Solutions has a demonstrated ability to serve businesses nationwide and will prove to be a valued resource.

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