Someone on LinkedIn recently wrote the word Coopetition in a post. It was clearly a typo, but it perfectly describes what a limited number of advisors and consultants are doing to disrupt the broken health care model.

I recently attended the Ascend Conference in Nashville and Q4Live in Tampa and was pleasantly surprised to find an enormous amount of collaboration and discussion among industry leaders who were freely giving away their special sauce.

We have all recognized that change is not coming from Washington regardless of the party in office. By collaborating and sharing best practices that are working in our local markets, we can bring solutions to our clients at a much more rapid pace.

If we all remain siloed with our ideas, the opportunity to create major change within the health care industry will never gain serious traction. As we continue to share our ideas on the LinkedIn platform as well as personal connections offline, our clients and prospects will benefit greatly.

Each individual market needs to create critical mass for innovative ideas like Direct Primary Care. Without like-minded advisors and consultants building awareness among their clients and peers, the expansion of DPC will not be possible.

Make a difference. If you aren’t already connected with others in your local and/or distant markets, start today. There are millions of people counting on us to provide a sustainable solution to their family.