Written and unwritten. What is a written constitution? A constitution is a body of rules that defines and regulates a country, and whose primary objective is to serve as a base for power in a state.

The reason for drafting a codified constitution is usually associated with the time in which a particular State is formed or associated with a major change that has taken place at national level.

Here is a detailed classification of constitutions: 1. The creation of this constitution is usually defined as a deliberate effort of the people.

Types of constitution. This legal body is elected to be the main legal document for the specific period of history. The Laws in the land is governed by a constitution; it is a written instrument in which the fundamental powers of the government to govern are established, defined, as well as limited. How many types of constitution are there? Written constitution is a type of document or documents created in the form of laws. It is a single, formal document that describes the arrangement of governance in a country. This classification is based on the constitution's physical form. A constitution has been defined as a body of rules established to regulate the system of government within a state. There are several types … Most countries have a written constitution, like the USA, India, Russia, France, Germany, Nigeria, and so on. Written constitutions are usually very precise and systematic. Written Constitution: A written constitution means a constitution written in the form of a book or a series of documents combined in the form of a book. Types of Constitution: 1. It is a consciously framed and enacted constitution. The unwritten constitution is a legal body where the principles have never … It is also written in the constitution how the powers are being distributed among the several departments of the government. It is formulated and adopted by a constituent assembly or a council or a legislature.

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