Ferguson (25-3) is known for his unorthodox approach to fighting and sometimes extreme training tactics. The fight is signed and is 100% ON LIVE on ESPN somewhere on EARTH!!!! And that's something I'm trying to figure out myself. Although UFC President Dana White still hasn’t even announced a venue for UFC 249, he remains determined to hold a pay-per-view show this month. Josh Thomson saw it the whole way. There were a lot of things I expected from him. I just don’t know if he will be able to beat Cejudo though, because he’s been out of the game so long and no one knows what shape he will be in. DK Metcalf blows a TD, fumbles when he eases up before he crossed the goal line.

I think he’ll get the job done but I guess with heavyweights you can never count anyone out. When I first shook his hands at weigh-ins, I didn't realize how big his hands were.

And he's throwing that inside leg kick, hard and viciously.

And he's still making opponents shake their heads. He threw me off because he was awkward and long and he knew how to use that. I think Tony will get the win here. I’m actually more excited for the bantamweight title fight between Henry Cejudo and Dominick Cruz than UFC 249’s main event. I had a tough weight cut. I didn't expect it to have as much power as it had behind it.

Cruz and Urijah Faber were the two guys I remember watching and they were always at the top of the division. He did a tuck and a roll and came right back up to his feet. Ferguson vs. Gaethje odds for UFC 249 According to FanDuel, Ferguson is listed as a -190 favorite, meaning that you would need to bet $190 to win $100.
I remember being mad because I thought I was out of his range, but he would still connect. If I do that and it hurts me horribly, I'm not gonna continue to do that same thing. He wrapped his arms fully around Ferguson and dumped him to the mat for an easy takedown in the first round of their 2015 fight. But it's a world that's easy to shatter. Ferguson (25-3) is a longtime lightweight contender who has been booked to fight Nurmagomedov five times.

They think they're destined and all that s---. It seems to me that Cerrone’s reached the point in his career where he’ll either come in and get the win or just get smashed, there’s no in between. Tony Ferguson waded in with a left knee to the body. You’ve got, in my eyes, one of the best to ever do it at bantamweight since the beginning of the sport against a new champion, who is a phenomenal athlete. When we got into the fight, he actually grabbed me at the forearm and slid his hand down to where my glove is. He takes the hits and he likes that. You just roll the ankle over and turn it in like you're throwing a hook.

Lightweight interim title bout, Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje fight video May 10th, 2020. UFC 249: Ferguson vs. Gaethje He's very much a pressure fighter, in your f---ing face, pushes everybody back. Disclaimer DMCA. Watch UFC®249: FERGUSON vs. GAETHJE this Saturday live on UFC FIGHT PASS from 11:30pm BST and continuing on BT SPORT 1 from 01:00am BST, MORE: Conor McGregor asking about UFC fight island, claims Dana White, MORE: Tony Bellew names the three boxers best suited for the UFC.
That’s crazy and just shows how good the card is.

I caught him and I tried to kill him and I broke my hand, and that's what cost me the fight.

That was stupid. I enjoyed it, even though I lost. When we shook hands, his hand went all the way around my hand. He's literally going down to my shin. I'm trying to damage you, not myself. It was hard to figure out what he was gonna do. I think Tony is on the same wavelength of delusion of great athletes. UFC 249 Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje Full Fight - YouTube I couldn't put my forearm down. It was fun. In the second round, I was like, "I'm probably not gonna win this fight because I'm absolutely exhausted. He doesn't come at you the traditional kickboxing way.

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