Check if your institution is a Member. Fees range between c$150 and c$6,000 US Dollars excluding tax.

In addition to the normal publication process (whereby an article is submitted to the journal and access to that article is granted to customers who have purchased a subscription), Springer provides an alternative publishing option: Springer Open Choice. This is made possible by an article-processing charge (APC) that covers the range of publishing services we provide. [1], Open access articles often have a surcharge compared to a closed-access APC; for example the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences charges $1590-$4215 per article (depending on length) for closed-access, with a surcharge of $1700-$2200 for open-access (depending on licence). Open access publication fee. Publishing with SpringerOpen makes your work freely available online for everyone, immediately upon publication, and our high-level peer-review and production processes guarantee the quality and reliability of the work. When you’re ready, submit your manuscript to the eligible journal of your choice. Institutions that are not based in the UK and are paying your fee on your behalf can have the VAT charge recorded under the EU reverse charge method, this means VAT does not need to be added to the invoice. You need to arrange payment unless a waiver has been granted, or your institution or employer is covering the cost through our Membership Program. This includes provision of online tools for editors and authors, article production and hosting, liaison with abstracting and indexing services, and customer services.

Visit our OA funding and policy support page to learn more about APC funding options, and our free OA funding support service for authors. This means you have the option of publishing under the traditional subscription based model where you won't need to pay a publishing fee OR you can choose to publish your article open access: Did you find it helpful? In 2016, we helped over 78,000 authors from all over the world make their research freely available. [14] Similarly, AGU's Journal of Geophysical Research charges $1000 for closed-access and $3500 for open-access.[15].

Publish open access in more than 1,900 Springer hybrid journals with Open Choice. In most cases, fully open access journals published by Springer Nature do not charge additional fees for page or colour figure costs; all publication costs are included in the APC. [4] Some publishers waive the fee in cases of hardship or geographic location, but this is not a widespread practice. ", "Las revistas de Geografía en el Journal Citation Reports: lucro económico versus acceso abierto", Developing an Effective Market for Open Access Article Processing Charges, "American Geophysical Union publication fee table", "(IEEE) 2014 Voluntary Page and Overlength Article Charges", No-Fault Peer Review Charges: The Price of Selectivity Need Not Be Access Denied or Delayed, "Gold Open Access Publishing Must Not Be Allowed to Retard the Progress of Green Open Access Self-Archiving", The importance of Open Access, Open Source, and Open Standards for libraries, "Interview – Wellcome support for Open Access", "The Green Road to Open Access: A Leveraged Transition", "Area-wide transition to open access is possible: A new study calculates a redeployment of funds in Open Access", Pay It Forward: Investigating a Sustainable Model of Open Access Article Processing Charges for Large North American Research Institutions, "Colour and page charges: results of a brief survey", Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, University of California Libraries (2016), This page was last edited on 17 July 2020, at 09:59. Once the Author Query Application has been completed, your article will be processed and you will receive the proofs. statement and Terms and Conditions, An article processing charge (APC), also known as a publication fee, is a fee which is sometimes charged to authors to make a work available open access in either an open access journal or hybrid journal. Free in hybrid journals 20% discount full OA. If you are resident in any European Union country you have to add Value-Added Tax (VAT) at the rate applicable in the respective country. The copyright remains with you: Most Open Choice articles are published under the liberal.

[26], Fee charged by some scholarly publication services.

A large number of subscription based journals are in the Springer "Open Choice" program.

[19] Another concern is that institutional budgets may need to be adjusted in order to provide funding for the article processing charges required to publish in many open access journals (e.g. [5] An article processing charge does not guarantee that the author retains copyright to the work, or that it will be made available under a Creative Commons license. [8] They are the most common funding method for professionally published open access articles.[9]. enable JavaScript in your browser. Easy compliance with mandates: Many funders require open access, and some take compliance into account when assessing future grant applications.

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