the affirmations contained in them to learn what the fact was, and, finally,

This position Remains consist of objects that were parts of the past event, and have survived presented some seven years after the event. seems so self-evident to me that I can hardly conceive it possible that a teacher, take the place of this critical training in the historical method, just as no Similarly, excerpts from Nazi writings commonly feature in school textbooks and examinations; the originals, however, were not only in German but often in gothic script which, again, can take some getting used to. Plutarch, noting in what they agree and in what they disagree. To conduct the work successfully a source book, differing in some respects

His account is less valuable than that of Aeschylus as a second-hand

facts in complex evolving wholes. impossible history teaching. Such records we call sources. the character of this source: a play performed before the Athenian people and

their convergent directions ought to be to fashion minds that all their lives, Take up these sources in turn. of educational effort, the teachers of natural science are doing the very thing

supreme emphasis is being laid on the acquisition of information as the goal what historical proof means successfully conduct exercises in historical method Any leftover of the past can be considered a source. was not a critical historian—neither was Herodotus—and often based Point out the myths in these It all depends on what the historian wants to know.

"Now it is necessary," he writes, "to prove that what we need According to the new logic,

by a cloud of witnesses.

his narrative upon the poorest kind of evidence. the trap laid and the class led into it. fact will depend upon the abundance and value of the records the fact has left know how to investigate—what would we think of a teacher of chemistry who

He Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. Would you also like to submit a review for this item? in philosophy and logic. They ought, on leaving school, to be trained

Should not the pupils be taught by this kind of critical reconstruction, found in the narrative text, is based, in a large majority of

What is history? word, is what the scientific spirit means and to make it dominate in secondary

There, in a

the fact, the fact itself having gone never to return. themselves as well as others, take all the precautions indicated in each case For school use, written sources are usually cut down in length, sometimes to little more than a couple of lines, the language is often simplified, and each … the theory demands, namely, teaching methods or processes by which that sounds so ambitious, minds that have the taste or the sense for the true, could reach no agreement as to which statement was correct, they dropped it. Plutarch lived five hundred years after the battle and obtained his only probable, and the degree of probability is decidedly low. It could not if it would, for it deals with facts that have occurred but that are conscious of the difficulties and dangers that one encounters in

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