I could able to add new document set using this flow. In the next set of actions, I am retrieving the template documents and copy them to the newly created document set. Home » Intranets » SharePoint Document Sets – A real world example. This has been a really cool tutorial and i would love to figure it out. Run the app and try it. When analyzing the payload that comes back from the action “Send HTTP request to SharePoint to create documentset” I thought that the __metadata type was “SP.Data.DocumentsItem”.

Here is my generated slug; Document set versioning functionality will appear under the context menu on document set items in the modern list view, include “Capture Version” and “Version History.”  Other document set-specific actions from the Document Set ribbon are still there, but only in classic.

}, Hi Nolan, sometimes when you copy from browsers the single quote ‘ becomes an apostrophe ’ –> from my experience this is the first thing to check. It would be good to have the link open in the same tab! The publications are grouped by SharePoint version. Perhaps there is another way to get to the StringId property, but this is how was able to isolate the StringId: When we create the document set, we need the name of the new document set. Please assist.

The last action we have to add is again an HTTP request to SharePoint to update the properties of the document set. This improves the Search results and every visitor gets all the details of the publication. JLuc, Can you please post on how to check for existing document set , I have tried by using list folder but not worked. In January, we communicated a March delivery date for these improvements. Nothing! A cell can contain a value, such as a number or a string, or a formula that's based on the values of other cells. The regular (modern) rest endpoints will work fine, but the older vti ones won’t. Thanks for the reply. Hi! I am working on migration SharePoint 2013 sites to SharePoint Online using ShareGate.

Using a DL with no spaces results in a success.

Specify allowed content types    that can be used within the document set (for example, document files, images, audio, or video). My Uri is… Based on your info I see: Conference Rooms Reservation Solution for SharePoint. So how do you recreate this solution? So from what I understand you want to create Document Sets from within a Canvas App that is tied to a SharePoint List? To retrieve the ID of a list document set content type, use the following URI, where the filter is set to the name of the content type you want to retrieve: Content-Type    application/json;odata=nometadata, Accept               application/json;odata=nometadata, Run the flow once (it does not matter if the flow succeeds or fails), Go to the run history of the last run of the flow, Expand the step that executes the HTTP GET request to the REST API, Go back to the flow in Edit mode and expand the”, Place your cursor in the text box next to, Paste the copied JSON into the popup dialog and click, After having selected the value object from the. I hope this helps. Please log in again. Let’s take a look! After several failed runs I added an additional Send HTTP request to SharePoint action to retrieve the document set item based on its ID. Document Set authors can do any of the following tasks: Create new multi-document work products quickly and easily by using the New Document command in a document library. – Harikrishna Jul 28 at 12:50 Looking forward to seeing this in production. Let’s create a new publication: Every author has to attach metadata to the publication. It turns out my issue was being caused by a column validation, not by the method. With this flow, I could able to provide document set name during document set creation. This action asks for the definition of the payload. I recently wrote an article for the DIWUG E-Magazine where I also write about Document Sets.

One of  features I really liked about document sets was that each project could have a mini home page. In my case the requirement of creating a document set during a Flow is just part of a bigger ask, but for the purpose of this blog post, I created a document in the root of my document library to kick off the flow: I select the document, click on the Flow button and choose my flow “Create document set”. FREE Download: 33 time-saving tips for Microsoft Teams EBook (70-pages). Ask Question Asked 10 months ago. The beautiful thing about Microsoft PowerApps is for developing an application using PowerApps coding knowledge is not required. You will need to add a second action as explained here: https://knowhere365.space/microsoft-flow-update-sharepoint-document-set/. Posted by Karine Bosch | Because there are so many steps it could by a very small mistake so I can only ask you to double check every step (especially exact namings and exact interpunction).

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