Foul Break. If the cue-ball goes down it is no foul: play passes to theopponent. 8 ball-pool Rules. Match: A Match is a predetermined number of frames of Eight-Ball Pool between two players, two pairs of players or two teams of players. 8 ball pool and 9 ball pool. Standard foul (see above), but balls are re-racked andcue ball played from baulk if 4 balls failed to hit cushion. Now, within that game you have the American version and the English one. 3. If a player fouls from the break, the right to nominate will be lost.

But the main two? If player A pots on the break when they are …

With World Rules in english pool with red and yellows or stripes and solids on a 7ft table 8 Ball pool game you are granted 2 shots with any foul regardless on what ball you or your opponent is on. This advantage will then pass to the opponent, who will receive two shots, the first of which will be a free table (NB: Note two ‘shots’ and not two “visits”. Let’s just concentrate on 8 ball. For the current EPA Playing Rules, please refer to the World Eightball Pool Federation Rules: 1. This is the only time in the frame where two shots do not carry following a foul.)

Three sets of rules apply to pool: Old rules Two shots carry. You do not move the white if it's still on the table. We’re going to focus on English 8 ball pool here. Across the world there are probably hundreds of different games with a thousand different variations that you can play on a pool table. Unless the foul is sinking the 8 Ball prematurely then it's game over and a Win for the opposition.

It is intended that players and teams should play 8 Ball Pool in the true spirit of the game and in a sportsmanlike manner. The English Pool Association, which is the official governing body of pool in England, formally adopted the World Eightball Pool Federation rules (known as "world" or "American" rules) in 1998. But for a quick guide t… There r many different rules relating to pool. When potted the cue ball is ONLY placed in the D and you must hit it away from the baulk cushion If you pot an opponents ball (regardless if you pot your own) its a foul The player breaking only has to make sure two balls hit a cushion, rather than the four ball requirement of world rules.

2 shots is only allowed when the white ball is pocketed, miss any of your balls when your shot is taken, or potted the other players ball. We’ll talk you through 9 ball in an upcoming blog very soon.For now, though? 2 balls must come back up the table past the line joining themiddle pockets (or one be potted). A minimum of four balls must hit a cushion otherwise it is a foul break.

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