You can install these all fonts on your computer by going to the control panel and after that fonts and just paste all fonts over there. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. With a starker contrast, rounded edges of the letters and medium size, this is most appropriate for the advertisement of any entertainment-related events. Whenever we explain a particular font, we are referring to its size, weight, and style. Elegant and slim Nepali font. It is a standard font that is used for publishing news in the newspapers like Kantipur. Or if you want us to add more Nepali fonts, simply comment or contact us on this article and we shall happily remove, rectify or credit your work. Rukmini: This font stands out from other Nepali fonts with the presence of the serif. Thus it is suitable for the display of the headlines. It is comparable to Times New Roman in the English font as it is a default font to be used in Nepali typing. What is the Operating system installed in the Computer? Nepali: One of the standard fonts in Nepali, it is semi-bold in comparison to Kantipur. If you are searching the most popular Nepali fonts, this post will help you to find out. This thread is locked. The letter-spacing is uniform. Sagarmatha font is another best for Nepali typing. Mangal font is a little bit hard to typing then Preeti or other Nepali fonts. Everest: This font is also slightly slanted. The edges of the letters are upturned. It helps to make the words fabulous and attractive, we can use this font without hesitation. if i want to type SUGAM in nepali in windows 7 then it is typed as SU GAM where there is space after su.Why is that, how to download the nepali font when i click the nepali font to download then the site is droped. The letters have a uniform but wide appearance. Preeti font is one of the most popular Nepali fonts. Bharatvani wide font: It is comparable to Arial Unicode MS font of English. Why are you not fixing this issue? Download your choice of Nepali Font from the table above, just click the name of the font, download and click the font file. Nepali Fonts. With the adequate letter spacing, normal weight of the letters, medium-size and standard style, it can be used for offline Nepali typing. How to download Nepali font in iPhone as in computer ? Mangal Nepali font is used by default in Microsoft Windows PCs as a font to represent Nepali Unicode. You can search for writing Nepali font in a quick search bar on the menu. Nice post! The slanted appearance to the right makes it seem stylish. Shrinagar font is another popular Nepali font. Nepali font Everest representing Mt Everest from Nepal, Typeface for typing Devanagarik characters both in Nepali and Hindi, Developed by Mercantile Communications System in Nepal. Thanks for marking this as the answer. The spaces between letters are minimal and the size is smaller. In the Status bar -> Click on the Language -> Change to “Nepali” 3. It’s very awesome and you will love it after choosing this font on your computer.

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