* The Thai Alphabet One of the things which has always fascinated me about this wonderful language is the orderly alphabet system. At least the Middle and High classes have to be learned - consonants that are not contained therein are automatically placed low class. The Thai Alphabet is split into three classes of Consonants; High, Middle and Low. Even though there are 44 Thai consonants in Thai alphabet, there are only 21 consonant sounds.

However I would not recommend it as there are some consonants that share the same initial consonant sounds. Just stay tuned! You cannot even find these two on Thai keyboard. These products not only look cool, but are also excellent for helping you to learn Thai. However, in this blog post I will introduce you all essential knowledge including tips and techniques regarding Thai consonants. The first consonant in the high class group is named kǎw kài.

Obsolete just means that it is not used to spell any new Thai words. To start learning Thai script, the first thing you need to learn is “Thai consonants” in …

Memorize one letter each time you look at your phone.

This one includes consonant class as well as the names and sounds. I will get back to you shortly.

2. Click here to see all products from this collection. That’s why it’s important to learn consonant based on 3 classes of consonant. Rare consonants are shown faintly. The letter ฃ (kǎw kùat) is now obsolete, but you will still need to know its name, and that it is used to make the k sound. The Thai consonants are divided into three classes, and knowing which class a consonant belongs to is essential for applying the tone rules. Also check out our other lessons about reading the Thai alphabet: Consonants and Vowels. A perfect gift for yourself or a friend who’s studying Thai or interested in the Thai language.

The spelling of a Thai word is what determines the tone, and consonant class is the first thing you need to be able to identify. In this lesson, we will look at the Middle-Class Consonants. Some Thai consonants have the same sound but they have used spelling in different words and gives the different meaning. For exampleThis ก consonant letter is called goor-gai as the initial consonant is g sound and gai ไก่ means chickening as an example word. Form is being submitted, please wait a bit.

Copyright © 2020 thai-language.com. In Thai language, there are in total 44 Thai consonants. Example word that represent the consonant. Phone:         Thailand +66 (0) 98620 5300, How to express emotion with the word ที่ tîi | that, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16MME9VFMjg.

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