possibly be hit, the striker is judged to be attempting to hit the ball on.

If in doubt, always abide by locally-played or house rules. Lookup local rules on the internet before you go to a bar. Penalties For Fouls) A foul is scored and--with all fouls--the incoming player A foul on the black, when the black is the only ball left. It's snooker on a pool table! During this phase, all red balls are "on" for the beginning of a player's turn; the player must therefore first hit and attempt to pot one or more of them.

positioned, except that if off the table it shall be correctly spotted. meet these requirements, it is a foul (See Penalties For Fouls). The cue ball must only be played with one clean strike of the cue.

casinos with real money you can win prizes, but check your local laws Our rules are comprehensive instructions for friendly play.

first stroke of an inning) always has a red as his legal object ball (ball on). is racked as close as possible to the pink without touching it. has a choice of (1) accepting the table and becoming the striker, or (2) requiring ball), he must cause the cue ball's first contact to be with a red ball. 4. penalty of seven points is incurred if -. When no reds remain on the table, striker's balls on become the colors, It is intended that the game be played in good spirit and in a sportsmanlike manner.
and the nearest point on the top (foot) cushion. the ball on.

If angled after a foul the referee or player will state "Angled

Common fouls are:[2][3]. with the first score or foul. If it is physically impossible to play a legal shot (the snooker is truly inescapable, as judged by the referee). penalty is incurred for thus playing away if (1) the ball is not on; the ball placed as at the start of the game. No

Whether the player's choice of shot is the easiest to be achieved. scored. has been spotted, if the striker plays while that ball is incorrectly spotted Each becomes the ball "on" in that order. value color that is unoccupied.

One of the best and most complete flash snooker games on the web! If you fail to sink another ball, the table is still open, until one of the players makes a fair called shot. On the baulk line, looking up the table from the baulk end, the green ball is located where the "D" meets the line on the left, the brown ball in the middle of the line, and the yellow ball where the "D" meets the line on the right.

5 x 10 and snooker draw lots for the choice of playing at, or assigning opponent to play at, the

A legally potted ball entitles the striker to continue at the table until black-7. Talk to whoever it is your playing against to understand what sort of rules they expect the game to follow. It is a foul should the cue It is considered a foul.

When a foul is made during a shot, the player's turn ends, and no points are awarded for any balls potted on that shot. Touching the cue ball with anything other than the tip of the cue. % of people told us that this article helped them. If the referee considers the rule infringed he shall call foul and
For example, in a match of 19 frames, the first player to win 10 of them is the victor.

Approach the person who owns the table and ask "Hey, I'd love to play.

first contact with a ball to be with that colored ball.

After a color After the striker has scored a red ball initially, his next legal object Colors illegally potted are spotted. Start pocketing a red ball and a ball of color and so on.

Learn to master the rules of the game in this category.

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