But it is now commonly used by other scientific journals, publishers and schools, especially for writing about medicine or public health. How to Format Citations in AMA Referencing. The original source should be cited in the legend (see example below) with the citation number for the reference corresponding to its first appearance in the text, tables, or figures.

Various references require different set of information to help the reader locate the sources.

If we then looked up the first entry in the reference list, we would find the source cited. Give author names surname first, followed by an initial without a full stop.

AMA referencing uses “superscript numbers in citations.” 5(p201) Here, for instance, the citation shows that we’re citing page 201 of the fifth source in the reference list.

The rules set out for this in the AMA Manual of Style are as follows: For the first source you cite, then, you would write something like this: Citations are very important in medical writing.1.

In this post, we look at some basic information about AMA, including: So if you need help with this system, check out our guide below. Page Numbers AMA style reference doesn’t require page numbers for any sources, even for using direct quotations, but many professors still ask their students to include them. Accessed [date].

The figure legend (caption) is written in sentence format and printed below or next to the figure. This is a section at the end of your document where you list source information. For example: Citation fatigue is a common problem among students.1. e-cigarette and e-book.
For example: Non-consecutive citations are rare but possible.1(pp14,22).

When referencing and AMA formatting one source more than once, keep repeating the numeral you’ve used for it for the first time.

However, it is only accessible with a subscription, so you may want to see if your school, university, or employer has access before paying! Your email address will not be published. See, Keep in mind, it is acceptable for a reference to be, If the reference pertains only to the table or figure (ie, the source is not cited elsewhere in the text), the reference should be listed and numbered according to the first mention of the table or figure in the text. If you quote a source in AMA referencing, or want to refer to a specific part of a text, you need to provide a pinpoint citation. However when use of a previously published illustration, photograph, or other figure is necessary, written permission to reproduce it must be obtained from the copyright holder (usually the publisher). contain information about the entire table, portions of the table (eg, a column), or a discrete table entry.

To cite references for information used in the table. Hopefully, this has cleared up a few things about AMA referencing and how it works.

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