You want to be so incredibly hostile and label anyone that dares to use a RBL (or maybe just SORBS, could you clarify?) My original point stands. How are the ignorant supposed to learn (and thus become non-ignorant) if no one tells them when they got something wrong? My worst offender has some ~5300 messages a day of spam being filtered prior to reaching their inbox. AOL and Yahoo are some of the worst for filtering on crazy criteria. For example, you never could and never will bear a child. (mostly .br & .ru), Some spammer ISP needs to refresh their DNS cache, their MX entries are stal. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. All that said, and having nothing to do with your comment, I'm not thrilled with Vega saying, "...I found out she wasn't really a girl," (emphasis added) in reference to the song's inspiration. The problem is that there really are still people out there who are using lists, such as SORBS, as absolute arbiters in what is, or is not, from a spam source. >Believe me - I -detest- spam. Funny thing though: After referring (numerous) complaining customers to SORBS as the source of all their woes I found myself removed from the blacklists in short order. It only takes one email EVER to get on the list. Thankfully, this number is shrinking daily as they realize just how broken some of these lists have been as a matter of policy. Then you can look up IP addresses and netblocks in the SORBS database and open support tickets. I'm not as patient anymore, the last time I got a response from an ISPs support that showed they had no understanding of the problem and were not willing to pass it on it was time to look at their WHOIS entry which gave me the managing directors email address (I won't name who it is, they may improve).

No, the whole idea of collateral damage only looks good to sociopaths or people who've never had. The -smart- people are doing precisely that. Are you actually saying that most legitimate providers have not stopped using them? I would try to get a hold of whoever is running the email system that is filtering with SORBS and let them know that SORBS blocks more legitimate … I did some research first about which ones would probably be best, respond to delisting requests in a timely fashion, and could provide me with a list that was had a lot of maintenance. I figure if there is a real problem, that I will get a support call from a customer and I can act accordingly. After 48 hours, the IP address is removed from this list and placed on the SORBS Spam blocklist. A blacklist that charges you to get your IP removed will inevitably block far more than real spammers. Thus if it wasn't me who chewed you out, somebody else probably would have :-). Yes, it was. I use SORBS professionally. Had fun learning that. You're just a spammer, aren't you?

Those assholes filter *URL's pointing to a PBL'd IP that are embedded in a message*!!! The Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS) New blocklist is a Domain Name System-based Blocklist (DNSBL) that includes newly discovered sources of spam. But I think it's only listed because Sorbs has a project on, in which case Sourceforge "sponsors" eleventy bajillion people and companies anyway. I tried to run a web server on a static (ok, sticky) IP address from a Pro AT&T DSL account. I hope the dirtbags that ran SORBS end up destitute in a gutter somewhere. And yes, there are idiots who block based on nothing more then SORBS. As it stands, I have to use a proprietary software package that does not allow me to weight the incoming emails based of *any* RBL's. Most other RBL volunteers would not behave this way, except SPEWS or whatever name changed to. Sucks there are idiots in this world who don't understand the purpose of those lists :-(, If I could find an open source software package capable of doing what I require, I would have gone that way a long time ago.

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