Overall, the chances of any damage from pumpkin roots is very slight. Google it! Plan to plant pumpkins in late spring or early summer for a fall harvest.

It will die before it causes a problem. I did read on this, but saw so many answers from four inches to six feet. Remember that there are 100 or more leaves to each vine and if you are trying to grow a 300-pound pumpkin, each leaf is responsible for up to four pounds of weight in your pumpkin. In addition, when you cut the pumpkin off the vine, cut the stem with a sharp knife. First, the outside pumpkin skin is fully colored. I wouldn't be too concerned about it in its current location. The roots aren't tough enough to actually damage anything. I need a thorny bush for security at back of house , which thorny  bushes would grow without much sun as it’s a shaded part behind a fence ?
Please answer soon in case we have to pull out the plant. However, note that pumpkins do require a long growing season (generally from 75 to 100 frost-free days) so you need to plant them by late May in northern locations to early July in extremely southern states.. Hope you make a lot of pumpkins!
Find out when to plant pumpkins in your region. To make sure there are no roadblocks on the nutrition highway, it is of utmost importance that you keep the vines healthy.

How deep will the roots grow. 3 0. Hope you make a lot of pumpkins! Vines of ‘Small Sugar’ pumpkin were about 16 feet long at maturity and the top 12 inches of soil were filled with roots. Reply. The main (tap) root of most pumpkins and squashes only goes down about 6 or 8 inches. How long can a bird of paradise survive without soil? Thanks. Scott.

It shouldn't be a problem, since the plant is an annual in most places.

The vine of the pumpkin plant is the highway that all the nutrients travel on to get to their final destination, the actual pumpkin.

Overall, the chances of any damage from pumpkin roots is very slight.

Pumpkin Vine Care and Maintenance. Maybe it can be replanted.

It is critical, that you take good care of the vine, and protect it from damage. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that affect how long pumpkin seeds take to germinate. Finally, your pumpkin is ready to be picked when you notice a few details on your formed pumpkin. Claude.

The pumpkin vine is the umbilical cord of the pumpkin plant and fruit. What should I do with the arms growing off this cactus. My Grandson planted pumpkin seeds and the plant is growing like crazy. Every leaf, every stem, every hair roots is now receiving sunlight, absorbing water, and blending nutrients. The Rock gives his first-ever presidential endorsement, Seahawk celebrates too soon, loses TD at goal line, Woman arrested after driving car into Calif. protest, Montana saved grandkid from would-be kidnapper, Mother-daughter duo complete Appalachian Trail, Critics go ballistic over 'Notorious A.C.B' T-shirts, Studios: Americans not ready to return to movie theaters, Nike 'just getting started' after wowing investors, HGTV personality gets candid about recent split, Fact-checking falsehoods on mail-in voting. Some of the finer, feeder roots will extend 6 or 8 feet but they travel mostly out; not so much down. If you celebrate Halloween and would like to have pumpkins in time for the holiday, plant them in late July. on May 3, 2017.

Did you know pumpkins have been grown in North America for almost 5,000 years? They will not be over 16 or 18 inches deep at their deepest point, usually much shallower than that. Pumpkins typically take 95 to 120 days to mature. 9 years ago.

Normally pumpkin seeds take about a week to germinate, with a range from 3 to 10 days. This "life line" carries the water and nutrients your plant needs to grow and thrive, and most importantly, bear fruit in mammoth proportions. Will added clay wash out of a sandy garden quickly? The roots aren't tough enough to actually damage anything. Get your answers by asking now. It shouldn't be a problem, since the plant is an annual in most places. Also, the skin is hard, and the stem begins to shrivel and dry, according to Bonnie Plants. The taproot of mature pumpkins grew 6 feet deep and had 10 or more lateral branches that extensively branched outward for 5 to 17 feet or more.

It’s a lot of fun to grow this American native.

As deep as they want to Or as deep as your soil allows. Helpful. Can my neighbor cut a tree branch from his tree on my property without my permission? can you start holly bushes from the berries? Charly. Still have questions? on May 3, 2017. He planted the seeds over underground wires and pipes for the pool.

The more stem the better. Once in a while you will have one that makes it to 10 inches, but those are rare.

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