3.8  If a teams’ on field numbers are permanently reduced by two players, or temporarily reduced by two players the game will end. 1.5  Teams must be on the pitch and ready to begin the match at the appointed kick-off time. All players must be listed and checked off on the referee’s team sheet prior to kick off. World Championships take place every four years in between the Paralympics.

Brazil have won gold at every Games. In the case of serious foul play, foul or abusive language, a straight red card may be issued and an automatic two week suspension may be served. Football 5-a-side, also known as blind football, is an adaptation of football for athletes with a vision impairment. 1.9  A competition draw will be issued at the start of each competition and will be displayed on the 5sports website. Each team can request a one-minute time-out in each half. MATCH TIME. Outfield players must be classified as completely blind (B1 category), which means they have very low visual acuity and/or no light perception, whilst the goalkeeper must be sighted or partially sighted (B2 or B3 category).

2.2 Each team may field four outfield players and a goalkeeper on the pitch at any one time. Goals are one of the world’s most popular providers of five-a-side football with 46 clubs throughout the UK. 2.16a  When re-starting play a goalkeeper must return the ball by rolling it out of his area with an underarm bowling action (henceforth known as a “roll-out”).

The match will be awarded 5-0 to their opponents and they will be deducted 3 competition points. If a sliding player contacts any other player or if the referee deems the slide to be dangerous a red card will be issued. 2.3  Any team playing an unregistered or suspended player will automatically lose the match 5–0 and be deducted 3 competition points. Swearing at referees will NOT be tolerated and offenders will be issued a red card and suspended for a minimum of one week, at the discretion of the Referee’s Coordinator. The sport has been governed by the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) since 1996 and is played with modified FIFA rules. If a goal keeper’s momentum takes him partially outside the area when saving the ball - but the ball remains in the goal circle - no offence has been committed (this must not be done in a dangerous fashion, however). 2.2  Each team may field four outfield players and a goalkeeper on the pitch at any one time. Referees will issue a yellow or red card to any player who, in the opinion of the referee, breaches this rule.

Slide tackles are forbidden. If the ball is returned any other way a direct free kick will be given to the opposition two metres outside the area. 3.4  Players may be “sin binned” at the referee’s discretion. Studded earrings may be acceptable at the management’s discretion and at the player's own risk.

The sport has been governed by the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) since 1996 and it is played with modified FIFA rules. Five-a-side can be a great way of getting an intense ‘after work’ work-out with a bunch of friends. All players and spectators at 5sports enter 5sports on the basis that they accept 5sports Terms & Conditions. 2.4  Players playing whilst suspended may be banned from the rest of that competition or the centre, at the discretion of 5sports management. The whole length of the pitch must be covered by kickboards to prevent the ball from going out of play. 3.6  If a player is given a red card whilst off the field of play (for unacceptable conduct on the sideline) the team must correspondingly reduce the number of players on the field. Their Clubs are about bringing local people together, sharing the good times as a community, being proud of where we’re from and being the local home of five-a-side. 1.6  In the event of a team leaving the competition, 5sports management may replace that team.

The ball makes a noise due to a sound system located inside that helps players orientate themselves. For more details on Goals visit below: PlayFootball As a result, spectators must remain silent whilst watching the game until a goal is scored. Blind football is played on a rectangular field that measures 40m long and 20m wide. For more details on Powerleague visit below: Soccersixes All standards of teams and players are welcome & footballs can join as a team or individual players. Players and or teams may be suspended and/or banned by 5sports management for abuse/harassment of referees, on or off the playing field.

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