I would seriously recommend learning how to use Latex / JabRef. If Mendeley doesn’t lift its game soon I’m afraid that we will have to break-up , Best of luck with that – might be worth checking out some of the other products mentioned in the comments here if you are in the market for a new one. Jorab! If you find yourself doing this much work to add citations, there’s certainly something that needs fixing. I haven’t tried the social features but they sound interesting. damn it. So i keep a record of my citations (imported using the Chrome importer), make notes, and attach PDFs. As an example, one organization, software-carpentry.org, has produced a free program of lessons that introduce students to programming and software engineering skills such as: version control, data manipulation, and scripting. What text processing software other than MS Word do people use on on Mac OS X for working with EndNote? But, I realised that way too late. It turned up it wasn’t.

I guess I’m only in two minds because Mendeley is just so darn beautiful! I turned it into my literature database. I use a free Easy duplicate finder for finding duplicate publications for “papers of interest” folder.
Up to that point I loved you, but ever since, no matter how often someone tells me you have lifted your game, you have been officially Dead To Me.

When I contacted Mendeley about the problem I was having, they thanked me for reporting it and said they might be able to get to it within 2 months!

I had a problem when I upgraded to Windows 7 and after several emails trying to find the bug, they phoned me and talked me through it at length and even suggested that if that didn’t work, they’d arrange in-person support while they were at a conference near my home. Great post and love the blog – I’m about to start a PhD and this blog, including this article, has given me so many things to think about. Thanks for sharing. A photocopied flyer, which my friend Dr Scott Mayson picked up in a seminar room, led me to Mendeley. Great post. Then I copy my citations into a footnote and check that they are correct (usually not the case) and edit them. I spent a day or so transferring my data and LOVED the way it renamed all my PDFs in a consistent format at the press of a button. I am actually now re-thinking using it. Seems as though its either Papers2 or Sente! I had a very similar experience with Endnote. You can still use the master doc format but just keep each chapter separate. I am considering End Note 7, but with all the comments, hesitant to plunk down the $ it has been too long since I dealt with the topic myself for me to give a more specific advice than to use “BibTeX” as a starting point (which you already appear to do). Your comments about Endnote here scare me as I am using Word Doc. Citation info tags along when I copy from Citavi to the word processor, and later Citavi magically formats it all correctly and builds a works cited based on citations. Ok, got caught up in the hype over Mendeley, installed it, imported Endnote library, now face the task of single-clicking each and every reference (sevral hundred) to review details are correct (most of them are not).
The interface is lovely and clean which was an unexpected bonus (I think it’s a pity that the aesthetics of software design for functional programs doesn’t often get that kind of treatment). Also, it was important to me to be able to use it on my ipad since that is what I tend to take to the library. I’d say that most citations have at least one small error in their metadata when taken from the web, so I like to check. designed for readers.

This is until recently. At best I would use one Word doc per chapter. Let me know how you get on! By the time I was completing my PhD dissertation, I had all of my references in one file of Zotero. This allows for a neat trick I learned of late (only useful for those w/ footnote styles): Select all footnotes and copy into a new document. Anyway, Papers2 turned out to have a great search function, combined with note taking and highlighting capacities. $50 a month. Maybe time to give up on it, and look elsewhere.

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