Maybe just guaranteed visibility of any kind -- considering that sellers have been told that their items might not show up. Shop with confidence. I suspect that the actual outcome will lie somewhere in between. well so far they are promoting everyday joes to sign up & consign grandmas teacup & dad's trains in the attic. "How many professional valets does ebay currently have in this program?". This must be an attempt by ebay to entice big box stores into letting ebay sell all their castoffs for them. I printed the lable and sent my cellphone to ebay valled on Monday.

Sorry its hard to type on a cellphone. I decided to try valet instead of selling my self. eBay Valet services provided by Airtasker may require you to register an account with them.

Other threads insist that the valets are selling everything for 99 cents and consigners are all furious and the program will fail from the start.

Our expert eBay Valet partners, Odeo & Airtasker, can help you sell your items & save your time, Want to move your pre-loved tech, homewares and more?

It adds up to more than half a billion a year in revenue even if only a small percentage sells. One time I got one bid for 75 bucks.

And where is the edit button?

If you just look at the makeup of the listings (from either seller) on the whole, they totally go against the ebay grain as far as best practices. Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better!

Its now saturday.
Besides, I don't see how this program will fly when almost everyone in the country has an ebay friend, or a daughter, or a grandson, or a local entrepeneur who will sell their items for them on a commission basis and without any of the limitations in the valet program. See Odeo and Airtasker’s websites for more information.

Who are the valets representing eBay's program? Thanks, gopete, for the condensed version. The following week you could list a similar piece and have it sell for $40.
How long should I wait before complaining? You pay nothing upfront, other than some postage costs.

Whether deliberate or as an "Oh, we can do THIS TOO!" Frankly, because of Christmas, I wouldn't look for anything til next wk sometime......... No but you are probably right. Just keep your expectations low, I can see why you might want to have the sale of your phone handled by someone else since these are high risk for scams. Sign-up to post your task online & let people on Airtasker know what you need help selling. I'd like to take a peek. outcome, the collectibles, used, and discontinued markets are being corporatized by eBay so that large companies rather than small sellers will be handling them.

View cart for details. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions.

Valet will pay you within 2 business days after the buyer has paid for the item.

The thread about the new eBay Valet Selling program is rather long (over 60 pages), so it might be too much to wade through, so I thought I would post a "short" version for those interested in knowing about the new program... Over the last year, eBay has wound down and terminated the Trading Assistants program and created something different in its place.

Independent eBay sellers will be competing with the valets, which are third-party corporations with significant storage capacity, staffing, and presence in all major U.S. metropolitan areas. Make a mind from your pre-loved items without the work. There are currently two Valet Selling corporations listed by eBay as authorized partners. Post the task on Airtasker and an experienced eBay seller can help you out.

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