I’d love to know so please comment below. You have now used multiple senses to build a solid remembering path for the word “aurinko”. Are You Interested in Learning More Finnish? Then the Finnish language arrives with ice-hockey skates. Visiting Finland in Oct. Grandparents are from Finland My maiden name Siekkinen. You have a wonderful question!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It was basic Finn. Sandals are meant to be worn with socks, right? With the help of AI, the WordDive app is suitable for travellers, students and people in working life, as well as for everyone who wants to improve or maintain their language skills.Read more », Limited number of items

Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. Kjerstin means She is the Follower of Christ, A Girl whose beauty can be compared to a twinflower, One who is a magical individual; spell bound, One who has deep inner desires and truths, Finnish variant of "Mint", a cool persona. The complexities and highly-different structure of the, Aleksis Kivi | © Luke McKernan/Flickr. It simply doesn’t exist in Finnish. In many cases, short nicknames are an intuitive process, many times invented by little kids or some funny context. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter.

Second, the language explains many hidden cultural things. Spark Your Finnish is the ultimate free go-to resource for busy Finland lovers who want to learn simple methods of saying Finnish words. Literally.#4 Lutunen = Very adorable.

Jääkaappi is the fridge and pakastin is the freezer. Perhaps it came about due to a distinct lack of wild hippos in Finland. Literally.#10 Herkkupeppu = Delicacy butt. Find more words! We love compound words. Here are the 10 most popular Finnish phrases. So, when it comes to learning words, it’s not how much time you use to study, it’s how many times you do the repetition. Note that it’s not a nickname at all), #6 Sydänkäpy or sydänkäpynen = Heart pine cone.

Fala finlandes? #2 Kirppu = Flea. Used only for an unborn baby. Respectfully, Tiina My wishes for you and you family’s safety in these difficult times. Psst… Get more Finland tips and follow me on Instagram! Hei Anna! Learn how your comment data is processed. Finns love it if you can speak a little bit of Finnish. September 2018. Henkilön Varpu Her Finland Blog (@her_finland) jakama julkaisu Marras 7, 2019 kello 9.13 PST. In Finnish, to love is rakastaa, this word comes from it.#3 Hani = Honey. Me&my husband doesnt call each other by first names, unless we are angry to each other I call my kids sometimes “mussukka” and their dad makes their nickname ends with “sku” or “tsu”. Hope you guys enjoyed!

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