In the ARG series, DarkHarvest00, the villain known as "KindVonDerRitter/KVDR/Son of The Knight" is seen to be a man who worships Slender Man as a Higher being/God in order to become a Proxy. It is suspected that Proxies do the actual, physical work for Slender Man, such as creating and manipulating objects, destroying and leaving evidence, creating videos and responding on Twitter (in ARGs), and influencing victims as needed.

Death. According to Comickit, if all the Proxies got into a fight, Ms. P would be winning, but then the lights would turn off, and when they turn back on, Eyeless Jack would be the last one standing. She was slowly losing her humanity after a miscarriage which was then followed by the death of her fiancé in a car accident. The most common early evidence for this was the usage of telepathic communication to speak to children who he would lead outdoors and then into the forest. This is due to his obsession of Slender Man throughout the series in which it drove him to the point of insanity as well as wearing a mask similar to Slender Man's face. The main protagonist of the game, Lauren encounters a hooded and masked proxy while making her way through a mining facility. Hoodie is very shy but he really wants to help you. … Slenderman … Scorpion | Such amateur creations include The Tan Suit Man, The Studded Man, or the Faceless Follower. Sally Williams, Masky, Ticci Tobey and BEN are the only Proxies who do not actively kill people. Laughing Jack Jr. | Villains Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Commanders King of Serepentis

Sally Williams has the mentality and physical strength of a 9-year-old girl. Even though he is classed as a Proxy, it is known that he has the ability to manipulate time and space, one of the main abilities of Slender Man. Eyeless Jack | #alexkralie #bendrowned #bloodypainter #brianhaight #creepypasta #eyelessjack #homicidalliu #hoodie #janethekiller #jaymerrick #jeffthekiller #kagekao #laughingjack #marblehornets #masky #proxies #slenderman #ticcitoby #timwright #zalgo ⊗ Proxy Training Techniques ⊗ 6.1K 156 159. by domesticanger. Yes. Some episodes imply that there are thousands of Proxies (including Jefrera, Will Grossman, and Happy Appy) but they never appear on-screen. Herobrine | Me: Um no thank you, No.

Band of Serial Killers, Bunch of Assholes (by Enderman)Slenderman's Pets (by the Rake)Idiots (by Slenderman)The Dream Team (by Jeff)Team Proxy (when teaming up with the Unwanted House Guest and Ash Graven)Saviors of the MultiverseThe Biggest Idiots in the GalaxyThe Demon SlayersBand of MisfitsTeam SlendermanSlenderproxiesFamily (by Sally)The New EliteThe Resistance, Proxy HighDozens of hidden bases scattered throughout the Under Realm, Richard RamirezJeffery DahmerJohn Wayne GacyCharles MansonJeff the KillerSmile DogBEN DrownedMs. KVDR also operates a blog and an channel based on his own name, to combat and send cryptic messages to the main protagonists of the series, Chris and Alex. Despite being a group of serial killers, they are willing to do heroic acts if pressed or if there is a promise of reward. Laughing Jack | !without desire to offend the original creator. It has been accepted as the primary pop culture symbol for Slender Man and Proxies. When you wake up, pack everything you will need, food, water, clothing stuff that you might need. Enderman | I don’t lie. On February 14, 2012, during a live webcast with Noah Maxwell, the Observer hacked into Noah's Twitter account and used it to interview Noah and the viewers, where he then revealed the names of Firebrand, DeadHead, Swain, and Cursor, Mr. Scars, and Persolus. Bleeders If not, they sometimes share the marks of others.

Despite some members being goofy and childish, the Proxies were an extremely strong and unstoppable team when they fought together. There are many other members that go by different codenames like The Observer does and one of them is called "The Firebrand". Officer Gutierrez | The journal is currently in the possession of Karl Maxwell, Noah's grandfather. !so much!!! It is also been revealed that the true identity of The Observer is Kevin, who is a close friend of Noah and Milo. Various, dependent on episodeContinue killing people (overall goal)Defeat Enderman and reclaim the deed to Proxy MansionStop Enderman from using Malitch's trophy to conquer the universeMake amends with Eyeless Jack and bring him back from the deadDefeat Zalgo and prevent the end of the universe (all succeeded) Which Creepypasta Proxy Will Protect You? I didn't even wanna write this paragraph, the website made me. In the short-length Internet film PROXY: A Slender Man Story. The Great Lord |

Ask - Question #13, Fan Art of creepypasta gang for fans of Creepy Pasta 34608938, Slender: 4/8 pages time to put these around the park XD. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Proxies are a band of serial killers who are lead by the legendary Slenderman and serve as the main anti-heroic protagonists of Pastamonsters.

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