Another reason is because digital preservation is widely accepted within the scholarly community as fundamental. This is a sustainable model. Mpow Digital Alarm Clock, 5'' Curved LED Screen, 6 Brightness, 3 Alarm Sounds, Easy Digital Clock for Kids and Adults, Alarm Clocks for Bedrooms Kitchen Office, Adjustable Volume, Snooze, 12/24H This first entry into the year-long FORCE11 Blogs series on scholarly infrastructure is an interview with CLOCKSS Executive Director Craig Van Dyck. And, economies of scale for storage costs, rather than linearly escalating costs. We are active members of communities committed to advancing digital stewardship, including CNI, IIPC, NDSA, PASIG, and the Designing Storage Architectures for Digital Collections annual forum. The program aims to incubate ideas that aren’t already well along in development, says Ashley Finan, a nuclear engineer and director of the National Reactor Innovation Center at INL. These organizations are working together to guarantee the permanent survival of academic digital content beyond the twenty-first century. A valid e-mail address. Introducing about 10% selenium to tin …

*Correction, 21 May, 2:15 p.m.: The story has been updated to note that DOE has not yet decided on the site for the Versatile Fast Neutron Source. LOCKSS is based on the idea that communities are in the best position to ensure long-term access to data that is under their control. We are currently enhancing the LOCKSS software with APIs to make this even easier, and to leverage best-in-class, community-supported web archiving technologies for more robust capture and replay of the modern web. LOCKSS uniquely contributes to and leverages these three ecosystems: scholarly communications, digital preservation, and web archiving. The LOCKSS Program has diversified funding sources, including libraries, publishers, and grants. Electricity from renewables waxes and wanes uncontrollably, and when they expand to 20% or 30% of the market such intermittency will make them significantly more expensive, he says. Craig’s portfolio has always included industry collaboration to improve the infrastructure of scholarly communications. This includes communities using LOCKSS technologies; the CLOCKSS Archive and its library supporters and publisher participants; and members of the Global LOCKSS Network.

CLOCKSS adds its 11th archive node in Italy, Announcing New Libraries in CLOCKSS, The CLOCKSS Community-Governed Archive Grows Fast, ASCE partners with CLOCKSS to Digitally Archive ASCE Journal Content, Thieme joins the CLOCKSS Archive, A Cost Effective Archiving Solution for Libraries and Publishers Around the Globe, BioMed Central joins CLOCKSS to archive its open access articles, CLOCKSS Welcomes Two New Publishers: Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Society, The CLOCKSS Archive and the ACM Partner To Preserve Digital Library of Computing Resources, CLOCKSS and CrossRef Collaboration Makes it Easier to Find Discontinued Journal Articles, AIP Partners with CLOCKSS to Digitally Archive All AIP’s Electronically-Published Material, CLOCKSS Announces the Participation of Additional Publishers and the Support of the Library At Karl-Franzens-University Graz, CLOCKSS ARCHIVE Announces the Trigger of Eleven Medknow Journals for Open Access. The LOCKSS software is open for community review, scrutiny, contribution, and adaptation, and made available under a permissive BSD license.

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