You will have some of the best tour guides and Egyptologists in Egypt. You see he lives in the new city of the dead. Trucks circle the neighbourhood with sound systems cranked up, exhorting people to vote.

This will not deter US President Barack Obama from declaring Sisi the legitimate leader of Egypt and renewing the military cooperation that never really ended in the first place- just last month the US delivered 10 Apache attack helicopters to the coup government- they will be used against the Egyptian people living in the Sinai. The City of the Dead in Cairo is an ancient graveyard that for decades has been home not only to the dearly departed interred there, but for their relatives as well. Consisting of two 4-mile-long (6-kilometer-long) cemeteries dating to Mamluk times (1200s to 1500s), Cairo’s City of the Dead is still in use today. In the run up to the first election since the military coup overthrew the Morsi government, former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has made no electoral promises and guaranteed only one thing - that the going will be more difficult for Egyptians in the coming years. Independent journalists are under threat, and largely absent. As I sit writing this, pictures of empty polling stations around the country are crossing my newsfeed. The City of the Dead in Cairo (Qarafa) is a 4 miles (6.4 km) long (north-south) dense grid of tomb , where some people live and work amongst the dead. The staff will take a very good care of you, giving you what expect and a bit more. Travel update: We’re doing our best to help keep you safe and your plans flexible. Face masks required for travelers in public areas, Face masks required for guides in public areas, Enjoy the history of the holy family in Egypt and visit the largest church in Africa They too never existed. The City Stars Mall, the largest mall in Cairo has been closed and people are being told to leave and go vote. Egyptians have not so much thought of cemeteries as a place of the dead, but rather a place where life begins. Dubbed the “City of the Dead,” it is considered one of the world’s largest cemeteries. A unique blend of cemetery and residential neighborhood, Cairo’s City of the Dead is a fascinating place to explore. Archaeologists found 27 new sarcophagi in an ancient city of the dead beneath Saqqara, Egypt. An Egypt free of the Mubarak regime and their cronies, free of the corrupt business elite, and free of the military’s influence over the government. Thousands will remain in detention and more will die. Explore its crowded aisles of beautiful Islamic architecture with a local guide, and learn why so many Cairenes (around 500,000) are living alongside gravestones and mausoleums. Preliminary counts of voter turnout on Monday show an anemic turnout of 6.5%.

This is because traditionally, Egyptians buried their dead in room-like burial sites so they could live in them during the long mourning period of forty days. Wiki Thawra announced that 41,000 people have been detained, many without trials, or sham trails- some courts sentencing hundreds to death in a matter of minutes. Learn about life in the city while taking in the rich scents, sights and sounds of the Egyptian capital. These invaders have adapted the rooms to meet their needs. I will not move from this house after all these years to go out in the streets, said Zaki, Of course I want to leave the depressed mood in this place, but that doesnt mean I want to live in the street.
The historic belief in Egypt is that the cemeteries are an active part of the community and not exclusively for the dead.
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