It has been noted that “exploratory research is the initial research, which forms the basis of more conclusive research. Researchers face the possibility of ending up with incorrect data because false information may be difficult to identify. Unstructured interviews are the most popular primary data collection method with exploratory studies.

In exploratory research, the process of the research varies according to the finding of new data or insight. With access to the internet and a personal computer or mobile phone, a researcher can browse through as many resources as possible. Applied research is often exploratory because there is a need for flexibility in approaching the problem. Practical Element:If needs to have practical value to the management. Exploratory research is effective in laying the groundwork that will lead to future studies. Characteristics of Exploratory research. And what topics could be studied? (2000) “Marketing” Barrons, [5] Nargundkar, R. (2008) “Marketing Research: Text and Cases” 3rd edition, p.38, Interpretivism (interpretivist) Research Philosophy, The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Dissertation in Business Studies: a step by step assistance, A study into the role of social networking sites as an effective marketing communication channel, An investigation into the ways of improvement of quality of customer services within hospitality sector in London, An assessment of the role of corporate social responsibility on consumer behaviour in pharmaceutical industry in the USA.
Existing sources like newspapers, magazines, articles, papers, etc. The subject, in this case, maybe a group of people or an individual. If you are investigating a crime scene, an autopsy will be performed on the dead body to answer how he/she was killed. All t… Step 2 - Create the hypothesis. By discovering why Ratchett was murdered, the detective can easily arrive at a hypothesis on who the murderer is. 3. After identifying the problem, the researcher goes ahead to check whether there have been prior investigations regarding the subject matter. It is usually low cost, interactive and open ended. This type of research is usually conducted to study a problem that has not been clearly defined yet. Interviews can also be recorded by the researcher in case he/she needs to go back to it and confirm specific information.

If a new feature is added to an existing app, for example, product researchers will want to investigate whether the feature will be well received among the users. No pre-research is conducted to support exploratory research and even there is no prior information available on the problem from the past researche 4.

The first one is conducted before developing the product while the second one is conducted after product development. The following are some examples for studies with exploratory research design in business studies: The difference between exploratory and conclusive research is drawn by Sandhursen (2000)[4] in a way that exploratory studies result in a range of causes and alternative options for a solution of a specific problem, whereas, conclusive studies identify the final information that is the only solution to an existing research problem.
But it helps to do the exploratory study as methodically as possible, if it is going to be used for major decisions about the way we are going to conduct our next study”[5] (Nargundkar, 2003, p.41). Secondary research method uses existing resources on the subject under study. Findings of such type of studies are not usually useful in decision making in a practical level. This is the final stage where you customise your form and start sharing with respondents. The following are some examples for studies with exploratory research design in business studies: 1. Exploratory Research: What are its Method & Examples?

Click on the Choice Options section of the form builder menu. Research is a continuous process that needs improvement as time goes by, and as such is non-exhaustive. to the people in a community help decrease the rate at which people steal? Create Online & Offline Surveys with Formplus. It answers questions like how and why aiding the researcher to acquire more information about the research. Sign up through your Email, Google or Facebook in less than 30 seconds. The interpretation of qualitative data may be bias and/or judgemental. Interviews can be conducted in person, via phone call or video call. Organizations conduct two major research when working on a new product or service. This is a common starting point for all types of research. Although more stressful and time-consuming than others, the interview technique is the best in terms of collecting detailed and correct data. After that was the question of how he was killed. Exploratory research mostly involves a smaller sample whose result may be incorrect for a larger population. Researchers don't have to waste time conducting irrelevant research when using an exploratory approach.

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