Here is the link. Why the rights granted to Etsy should be irrevocable and perpetual? (Artwork is protected upon creation). Since they are using your image to attract business (advertising, trade), this is likely commercial use and thus illegal under the federal copyright act (Copyright Act of 1976, known as U.S. Code Title 17).

To inform people of the copyright ownership, you could add a copyright notice. By law, there should be a place where you can request photos to be removed due to copyright violation. The publisher had protection but not the author. Adding a watermark such as “© Your Name” or “Your Name Photography” is a good way to show that you will enforce your copyright. I have some extremely unique spiritual photographs, more than a hundred in total. My question is, are the posters unique and original enough — since they aren’t photos of a photo or single piece of artwork — to be copyrighted by me (I did read your post on slavish copy). This makes no sense to me since they are the one who put them on the club’s Facebook page.

For a minor thing such as a photo contest, I don’t think an objecting mother has much legal recourse.

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements are popular (paid) programs. For example, here is the link for Facebook. If you are posting the photos online, you could superimpose “© Your Name” on the image, perhaps by using an image editor such as Photoshop. If in a few months I decide to close my store and stop doing business on Etsy altogether, why Etsy needs to keep using my images in perpetuity?

I have a photo of my daughter that I want to get out there. Although you claim that it isn’t essential to have a professional copyright, I believe it might be in my interest to do so, as you pointed out, it could be potentially useful if litigation was required. I have a six-year-old daughter whose stepmom has a side business of photography. Since the Copyright Act of 1976 (when the U.S. adopted the Berne Convention), copyright in the U.S. has been automatic. Public Domain is also a case in which the owners rights have expired, been forfeited or do not apply. However, do not be fooled into thing that copyright is automatic, it’s not, until your material is registered with the copyright office, anyone can use it legally without your permission. In a digital file, you can also add the copyright information to the “EXIF” data (hidden but attached metadata text tags), which also can be done with an image editor.
I understand that as soon as I take a picture they are automatically copyrighted but in this case, do I have to register my photos copyrights with the U.S. copyright office? I’m sure at one time, when I first proudly took the pictures, I sent my husband (now ex) some of my best photos.

How should i go about this?

Read More: How to Copyright Pictures. Only the copyright owner can dictate how the photo is used. Congratulations on making a popular photo! Or take photos and get permission from the parents. Having some proof that you sent them the pictures (such as a letter, a FedEx tracking number, or a copy of an email) would be useful if there is a disagreement later. Under U.S. law, registration gives you several additional benefits: your copyright becomes a public record; you get a certificate of registration; your copyright is prima facie evidence in court; if you win a case, you can claim statutory damages and attorney’s fees. He is now selling the house and the realtor has posted pictures I took of the house when it was in tip-top shape; decorating and photography are a hobby of mine. You don’t have to declare copyright or file any paperwork. You can get Facebook to remove the pictures from her account. A lot of amateur photographers take excellent quality pictures and post them on the Internet for others to enjoy. We are in the UK. Paid Licensing I’ll assume that you alone inherited her estate, and thus you alone are the copyrights owner.

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