The person leaving the morgue was identified as Ove. Lars is arrested based on DNA evidence. Nikolai lets him go free, and stands up Anniken on a date. Erik Adams of the AV Club considers it a top pick.

Norwegian police thriller Borderliner is the perfect example of how to take an interesting premise and squander any ambition with a questionable ending, clumsy pacing and incredulous character logic. Whether there’ll be more of this story to come in the future is anyone’s guess but based on what’s here, Borderliner ends with far too many unanswered questions making it a difficult one to recommend, even if the journey to the finale is mildly entertaining. The illogical character actions don’t help either and large stretches of this Norwegian series feels dragged out unnecessarily. Internal affairs feel Nikolai cannot be a witness since the defense will tear him apart on the recent happenings.
Eva calls Nikolai and asks to meet. A mysterious envelope to Lindberg contains the incriminating tape of Nikolai. Divers do not find the screwdriver. Newsweek's Andrew Whalen called Borderliner "the perfect introduction to Scandinavian noir," and says that this genre veers from what U.S. viewers may be used to in American 1950s noir classics in favor of a more "high-pressure police procedural.". The drug gangsters are tipped off and Josef's car is empty when intercepted.

[3], This article is about the Norwegian television series. Other outlets have given the show similar praise after its release — Meghan O'Keefe of called Borderline "elegantly beautiful and extremely tense" in the article linked above, and wrote that it "seeds important details so subtly that you’ll likely want to go back rewatch scenes to make sure you don’t miss clues." He also states that it was impossible for Tommy to have sex because of a medical condition and thus invalidates the pedophile accusation. Internal Affairs choose not to proceed against Bengt and Nikolai. Josef gets arrested in a drug bust and the secrets are finally revealed. An eyewitness confirms that Tommy went through the fence and the suicide theory is again considered. Regardless of whether it'll continue — and if Netflix will again carry it for international audiences — fans have definitely been eating up the show so far, if Twitter is to be believed. Bengt owes money to Josef and offers his motorcycle and drugs as payment.

Anniken wants to search the river for a possible weapon that cut Tommy's face. Ove dodges Anniken and turns up for work. The series hasn't only been heralded on social media as one of the more intriguing additions to the streaming service — it's also been hailed by critics. Nikolai finds new evidence from a mobile recovered from the drug car. On the way Bengt loses control and fatally shoots Ove. Nikolai asks for a lawyer for his defense but the lawyer turns out to be Nikolai's lover (Nikolai is gay). Bengt in turn plants the screwdriver (which he had). Anniken reaches the drug gangsters garage to find it empty. Right now it seems like there's no official word from the original network, Norway's TV2, on whether this saga will continue — though notes that the show is "only eight episodes," signaling that this could be a one-and-done deal. [spoilers!] Eva and her goons reach Josef and collect the drug stash from him.

The drug gangsters threaten Josef. With numerous plot holes, a clumsy pacing and a truly woeful ending, Borderliner is a disappointing police thriller to say the least. After being called to a crime scene down by a murky lake, mystery surrounds the death of a man tied up by rope around his neck made to look like suicide. Early on, Borderliner holds a lot of promise and the story works well; the cat and mouse game between Nikolai (, Straight and narrow police detective Nikolai is the main protagonist here and early on we see him stand up for what he believes in, testifying against a fellow colleague. Nikolai and Lars decide to shift the kids to Hans' place. Here’s all we know about the Borderline season 2 release date, cast, trailer, and plot. Annekin and Nikolai return to their respective stations.
Anniken’s Chase

Its like the scriptwriters ran out of ideas. The illogical character actions don’t help either and large stretches of this Norwegian series feels dragged out unnecessarily. [2] Meghan O'Keefe of Decider called the series "as dark and atmospheric as Scandi-noir comes, but it’s also elegantly beautiful and extremely tense". Nikolai plants Bengt's gloves in the drug car evidence and blackmails him. Anniken goes to Sweden to trace Ekblad. Nikolai asks Anniken for help in tracing a number but she declines. Milla’s Future

To protect his family, police detective Nikolai covers up a murder case. Another aspect of the show that viewers seem to appreciate is the fact that the protagonist, Nikolai (Tobias Santelmann), is a gay man. Nikolai dials the mystery number only to find it ring inside his dad's shirt.

Lindberg and the Drug gangsters begin to view Nikolai as a threat. Nikolai and Lars think that the game is up and prepare to concede. Starring: Tobias Santelmann, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Benjamin Helstad.

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