By what right do you have to force your views on others.I have never heard a Pro Choice person demand anyone to have an abortion ,but you “Pro- Life ” people want to force women to give birth,even a 12 yr. old rape victim -a woman with a dead fetus and 5 more months to ejection-a woman who may die giving birth.There are billions of people on Earth that do not believe in Christ but you have decided that you have the only true GOD.You ignore the FACT that Christ was born a Jew and died a Jew and only became a Christian 300 yrs. Ray had stopped one night to collect rent in the apartment complex that he owned.

viability is a legitimate issue due to advances in science. The push to make sure “fetal tissue” is appropriately cared for and not thrown out or sold? There have been 69,000,000 babies aborted since Roe vs Wade. It is her choice in light of her religious beliefs, her physician, her knowledge of herself and her situation. as . 3) It is not the government’s job to control the population through birth control.

hands . With your hands you have killed others, and with your fingers you have done wrong. Many other turn to abortion due to lack of reliable birth control, so a pro-life candidate should support access to free/inexpensive, long term birth control for these women so they can avoid getting pregnant in the first place. I cannot receive your “wisdom” as a God fearing choice of one who embraces the love of Lord Jesus. God does not fault us with anyone's eternal destiny. Choosing life for the unborn over unfounded fears of school lunch programs, fear of war and fear of poverty (note the same adjective) is a measure of a person’s ability to properly set priorities. Chastity will prevent most all of the untimely and inconvenient pregnancies. It should be given back to our local communities where it can be effective. […] this morning, my pastor forwarded me this article written by an Anabaptist therapist about why she doesn’t normally support pro-life […]. It is extremely hard to conceive that they care for the life of the child beyond birth. Yoder makes many good points.

Evil men must be stopped. Be a voice for change within the Democratic Party and don’t just accept the status quo.

No human thought process that justifies the sacrifice of infants in the womb is approved by our Heavenly Father – our Creator. with us--that is, we are conscious of them ( Job 12:3 , Margin; Job 15:9 ). . Because humanly speaking, when are we consistently and completely anything?). For why your hands be defouled with blood, and your fingers with wickedness; your lips spake leasing (your lips speak lies), and your tongue speaketh wickedness. Poor women who want an abortion will use any means to do so. Isaiah 59:3 (RHE) thoughts--not merely their acts, but their whole thoughts. * Outstanding in clarity and on point all the way! Hi Darla, Actually I did want to ask you something. For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness. Education and healthy support can prevent abortion, as the article mentions.

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