Referees use a whistle and a number of hand signals to communicate The ball is not allowed to go under the water when tackled. Played over 8 minute (actual play) quarters. If a player has the ball in his / her hands the defender is entitled to try and get the ball. The following rules below are just a summary and are hopefully written Penalty one short whistle and hand with fingers splayed moved downwards. Pushing ball under water when being tackled. A full list is given in the FINA rules but make sure you know Beginning September 2012, Ball Under got a makeover with a new club look and an additional 33 players.

Unlimited substitutions takeplace throughout the game. 16Under Girls: Aidan Dick, Grace Greenwood - Silver Medal, 12Under Boys: Ryan Fry, Will English, David Gallion, Alex Lewis, Carsten Connolly, Jack St. Pierre. Markings provided on the side of the pool indicate the 2m and 5m and represent that following;_, Red = 2m (off side and corner throw line). The Ball Under performance was far more formidable than the final 8-6 score demonstrated. Ball weight is 400-450 grams (14-16 ounces) and inflated to 90-97 kPa (kilopascals) gauge pressure (13-14 psi) for men and 83-90 kPa (12-13 psi) for women. Maltby Leisure Centre, © 2014 by Rotherham Metro Water polo. Water Polo Planet. This sized ball is approved by FINA as the official size water polo ball for junior play. Awarded as a free throw, Majors awarded for the following reasons, Interfering with taking of the free throw/corner, Hold, sink or pull back opponentnot holding the ball, Kicking and hitting opponents (brutality), Misconduct, foul language, violentor persistent foul play. To impede or otherwise prevent the free movement of an opponent who is not holding the ball. The substitution of the offending player is permitted where the new player enters the water in place of the offending player once instructed to do so. When goalkeeper or defending player takes the ball under water when tackled within the 5m area. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Get it as soon as Fri, Sep 11. There's a problem loading this menu right now. 13 players in each team. Four periods or quarters of 8 minutes actual play (clock is stopped when play stops). 95. Penalty taken in one movement towards the goal on the referees whistle. (Q) ‘ROLLED’ OR DRESSING ROOMED OR WRAPPED UP, Awarded if the following happens (a red flag will be shown from the table). Get out anywhere else during play and you will be sent to the dressing room. The ball is smaller than the size two and is often used by schools and clubs, when teaching basic skills to young players. At the start of each period, players take up positions on their respective goal lines, with only 2 players within the goal mouth. Play is restarted on the secondwhistle by the team in possession at the half way. There are 7 players per team, including the goalkeeper. : Ref, master player.

IF less than 3 then time keeping and event recording take president.

Using two hands or blocking with two hands. Normally a shot clock is used requiring the attacking team to have a shot on goal within 30 seconds of taking control of the ball. GoSports Floating Water Polo Game Set | Must Have Summer Pool Game - Includes Goal and 3 Balls, Red, W5009 - Mikasa Sports Competition Women's Water Polo Ball, W5000 - Mikasa Sports Competition Men's Water Polo Ball, KAP7 Size 5 COMP Water Polo Ball (Yellow), KAP7 Size 4 COMP Water Polo Ball (Yellow), Mikasa W5000BLU Competition Game Ball, Blue/Yellow, Size 5, Mikasa Sports Intermediate Size 3 Water Polo Ball, Mikasa W5009BLU Competition Game Ball, Blue/Yellow, Size 4, Mikasa Men's Heavy Weight Water Polo Ball, KAP7 LEN 4-Color Size 3 Water Polo Ball - Champions League, Mikasa Training Water Polo Ball - Size 1(EA), Mikasa Sports Youth Unisex Splashball Water Polo Balls, KAP7 LEN 4-Color Size 2 Water Polo Ball - Red, Royal, Black, Yellow, Mikasa W5009RED Competition Game Ball, Red/Yellow, Size 4, Mikasa D113 Mini Competition Water Polo Game Ball, BSTHP Ball Pump, Soccer Basketball Football Volleyball Water Polo Rugby Exercise Sports Ball Balloon Swim Inflatables Pump(Blue), Mikasa Women's Heavy Weight Water Polo Ball, Mikasa W5009GRE Competition Game Ball, Green/Yellow, Size 4, Mikasa W5000RED Competition Game Ball, Red/Yellow, Size 5, Mikasa W5000BLA Competition Game Ball, Black/Yellow, Size 5, Mikasa 4-inch Mini Promotional Water Polo Ball, Soft Cover-Yellow, Mikasa W500 Promotional Mini Water Polo Ball, 6 Inch Diameter (Pack of 2), Mikasa D111 Competition Water Polo Game Ball, Mikasa 2012 London Olympic Water Polo Game Ball (Yellow/Blue/Pink, Size 5), Franklin Sports Floating Water Polo - Inflatable Floating Water Polo Target - Huge 57" x 33" Goal with Ball, Watermelon Ball – The Ultimate Swimming Pool Game | Pool Ball for Under Water Passing, Dribbling, Diving and Pool Games for Teens, Kids, or Adults | 9 in.

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