(when you don’t hear anything). The term of “tidak apa-apa” can be used while someone says sorry for you. It means everything is alright. You can use it while you hear your friend or someone you know will do something important, such as: presentation, test, or even something challenging. I hope the content of this page was useful to you, and that you studied some Indonesian daily phrases, idioms and words. To achieve successful communication with Indonesian people, you should have at least fundamentals knowledge of daily phrases. So that in turn make Indonesian Population among the highest list of users of languages that are used. Each language has its own wonderful idiosyncrasies; words or sayings which only make sense in that particular tongue. An introduction to Bahasa Indonesia, the national language spoken throughout the Indonesian archipelago. The Captivating of 8 Differences Between Balinese and... 10 Indonesian Electronic Brands That Surprising You, 9 Indonesian Legendary Female Badminton Players That Inspiring You, 8 Indonesian Female Writers For Fiction Category, 10 Facts of Javanese Traditional House Behind Its Beauty, 6 Etiquettes When Visiting Borobudur That You Should Follow, Kembali (complete form: Terima kasih kembali), Saya/ aku sangat or Saya/ aku kangen kamu (informal), Saya telah belajar bahasa Indonesia selama setahun, Saya ingin mengunjungi Indonesia suatu hari nanti, I’m Sorry! Do try to memorize them to be able to use them in your daily conversation with one another in Indonesia. Indonesian is no exception. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5d9dd4922f689dd1 The word of “good luck” has been quite common in Indonesia. Living in Indonesia and speak with the people will end you up understand the slang language.

Then, attempt to speak Daily Phrases in Indonesia with other which can further strengthened your comprehension about what you say in Bahasa. So a word can become very long. These are largely modular; “gagal” means “to fail”. If you are a visitor of this website:Please try again in a few minutes. However, some of people in Indonesia get used to say “Good Luck” too. Bagaimana kamu berkata “please” dalam bahasa Indonesia? You can say it when you make a mistake. When plurals are in use, they’re often simply a repetition of the singular form, connected by a dash (or, in shortened informal Indonesian, indicated with a “2” at the end). You can also say “Ini enak sekali” when someone gives you foods that you really like because it is delicious.
Cloudflare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain (www.expat.or.id). (when you’re giving something).

Those are the common phrases in Indonesia. Language mostly helps human for able to communicate with each other, making new friends also contribute at work for a better life. Then, Daily Phrases in Indonesia become common to use with only a small number of simple consonants and relatively few vowel sounds. If you have much time, you can take a course in the weekend. Indonesian classes in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali.
For an option, you can also say sorry by saying “maaf” only.

The use of “saya minta maaf” is more formal than the use of “maaf”. 10 Facts of Javanese Traditional House Behind Its... 6 Etiquettes When Visiting Borobudur That You Should... Jember Fashion Carnival, Think Global and Act Local!

As the alternative, you can also replace the phrases with “tunggu dulu”. In informal language, you can also say “makasih”. You've requested a page on a website (www.expat.or.id) that is on the Cloudflare network.

However, Indonesian also says “nggak papa” in informal ways.

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